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Allergic diseases are common and increasing in prevalence – by 2025, it estimated that more than half of the entire EU population will suffer from allergy. The disease impact is significant, and many suffer from productivity loss and impaired quality of life: those with a severe debilitating form struggle daily with the fear of a possible asthma attack, anaphylactic shock, or even death from an allergic reaction. The timely and accurate diagnosis of allergic disease along with the relevant allergens helps to determine appropriate management options.

This eLearning module is comprised of 5 short chapters – each approximately 10-minutes in length – that introduce allergy development and diagnostic approaches for prominent types of allergic disease: food-related allergy, rhinitis, asthma and atopic dermatitis. Developed with leading field specialists and GPs, the content will inform you about best practices to achieve effective diagnoses and improve outcomes for your patients.

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“Concise format and easy to use”
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*ALLIANCE Module 1 – “Testing For and Diagnosing Allergic Disease” is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). Please visit our about webpage to read the full accreditation statement. Availability of CME accreditation points for the ALLIANCE: Advancing Together in Allergy Care Module 2 “Component-resolved Diagnostics for Allergic Disease” is currently pending; an application has been submitted to the EACCME.



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Feedback from the ALLIANCE community

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Concise format and easy to use
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